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Holly's manga review: 'One is Enough'

Manga Review


“One is Enough” is a yaoi manga by love. Yuu Matsumoto is a young man who accidently bumps into his classmate, Shizuka Mizushima. He notices that Mizushima’s arm is bleeding and tends to his wound, believing that he’s responsible for Mizushima’s injury. Matsumoto falls in love with him and they begin a romantic relationship. However, Mizushima’s personal traumas continue to haunt him, so he ends his relationship with Matsumoto. Matsumoto discovers that he’s not responsible for Mizushima’s injury. Complicating things is that his friend Sora also has feelings for him. Can Matsumoto make his relationship with MIzushima work?

What is really frustrating about this yaoi manga that it’s published by Gen manga, an independent company that sells alternative manga in both Japan and America. While “One is Enough” isn’t horrible or problematic, it’s your standard yaoi story that wouldn’t be out of place in June Manga. This works against “One is Enough”, making it bland compared to the rest of the Gen library. “Vs Aliens” and “Good bye Geist” weren’t perfect, but at least they tried to make themselves stand out. If “One is Enough” had added a few twists in the yaoi genre or at least had a cool premise, then it wouldn’t feel so out of place. Despite the wasted potential, there are a few good things about the manga. The artwork is good and there are no scenes glorifying abusive relationships. The guy who has feelings for Matsumoto is a mature, responsible person who accepts the fact that Matsumoto loves somebody else. Some sharp eyed readers may figure out that Mizushima cut his own arm long before the other characters do. Still, that’s not a bad thing. It would have been nice to explore Mizushima’s inner demons a little bit more. It’s not a bad manga, but Honolulu manga fans should probably check out titles like “Anomal” or “Alive” if they want to sample the best of Gen Manga.

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