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Holly's manga review: 'No Toucning at All'



“No Touching at All” is a yaoi manga by Kou Youneda. Shima is just starting a brand new job when he’s trapped in the elevator with a hung over guy. It turns out that he is his boss, Togawa. Shima is attracted to him, but a past bad romance with a co-worker has left him traumatized. But romantic feelings aren’t all that easy to suppress. Will Shima repeat his mistakes?

It’s a typical melodramatic yaoi manga, but the trauma that Shima suffered through is understandable. At least the author didn’t use rape as a cheap ploy to generate drama. It might have been interesting to see that the person who betrayed him may have been a self-loathing bisexual in denial about his own sexual preference and fearing rejection from Shima if the latter found out about it. The artwork is decent. Honolulu yaoi fans will find it to be a decent read.

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