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Holly's manga review: 'Nijigahara Holograph'

Nijigahara Holograph
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“Nijigahara Holograph” is a psychological horror story by Inio Asano. There is a legend about a mysterious creature who lurks in the Nijigahara Tunnel. When Arie Kimura’s mother is found dead near the tunnel entrance, her classmates decide to sacrifice Arie by pushing her down a special well that leads to Nijigahara tunnel. The consequences of their actions will affect them later in life. And how does this connect with the mysterious butterflies proliferating in the town?

This story has all of the strengths and weaknesses of a Lynchian plot: nice, spooky surrealism with an incomprehensible plot. Still, it’s nice to see that Asano is able to pull off existential angst that doesn’t come across as whining. It’s also cool to see that a bully reformed and became an upstanding police officer. The artwork is very good. This is an interesting, if flawed, horror story for Honolulu Asano fans to look into.

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