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Holly's manga review: 'Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf'

Manga Review


“Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf” is a yaoi anthology by Ahiru Haruno. Mr. Wolf finds a cute little kitten and decides he’ll take her home. After all, she’ll make the perfect bride when she gets older. Unfortunately, Mr. Wolf didn’t really bother to confirm the kitten’s gender, because it turns out to be a male Bengal Tiger. To make matters worse, Mr. Tiger is in love with Mr. Wolf. Now Mr. Wolf not only has to hide the fact of his relationship from his pack, he also has to deal with Mr. Tiger’s family and the difference between a wolf and a Bengal tiger’s lifespans. Can they make their relationship work?

While the characters are anthropomorphized a bit in order to make it easier for the readers to empathize with them, the author sprinkles in enough bits of authentic animal psychology to make the story stand out among the thousands of yaoi manga being translated and sold to the western audience. It would have been pretty interesting to see them actually hunt for food, although it would have been honestly disturbing for some readers. There’s a stand-alone story that’s a yaoi rewrite of “Little Red Riding Hood”. The idea of Red Riding Hood being a guy actively pursuing the Wolf as a potential lover is a great idea, especially if the Wolf realizes that this isn’t how the story is supposed to go. The main problem is that it’s way too short and would have benefited better if the author had expanded it to a single volume. The story dealing with Mr. Tiger’s stern older brother and a hunter’s dog is pretty interesting. Although some readers may want the couple to have their own spin-off manga. Which isn’t a bad idea. Honolulu manga fans looking for interesting, off-beat yaoi should read “Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf”.

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