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Holly's manga review: 'Mink'



“Mink” is a magical idol series by Megumi Tachikawa. Mink Shiraishi is an ordinary girl whose favorite singer is Illiya. One day, while planning to buy Illiya’s latest CD, she accidently buys Wanna-Be, a CD that came from the future, instead. She finds out that the program can transform her into a cyber idol. Now she can become a singer and work with Illiya. However, there’s a catch, she can’t tell anybody the truth or she’ll be deleted. As she handles the joys and problems of being an idol singer, she starts falling in love with her managers, Motoharu. Will she be able to confess her feelings to him or will the Cyber Police delete her before she even gets the chance?

It’s your typical magical idol story, but it’s done very well with good shojo artwork. The best part of the manga is that Mink’s friends get transformed into cyber idols and form a rock band with Mink instead of getting shoved into the background. It’s also nice that the love triangle is resolved without demonizing Illiya. The last two stories are decent, but they should have been merged together as an epic finale. Seeing the band Minkle being able to fight off deletion because Motoharu tells Mink that he loves her no matter what her true identity is would have been awesome. Actually, some readers may wonder why she doesn’t tell him her true identity in the last story when the restriction is now lifted. The author rushes the story where Mink meets up with the creator of the Wanna-Be program. It’s great that the guy realizes the error of his ways, but the author dumps his change of heart immediately on our laps rather than slowly pacing his redemption. Honolulu magical idol fans will find this to be a fun series.

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