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Holly's manga review: 'Lovers in The Night'

Lovers in The Night
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“Lovers in The Night” is a historical yaoi by Fumi Yoshinaga. Claude is a servant who is hired by an aristocrat. The master and mistress soon die, leaving Claude to take care of their orphan son, the spoiled Antoine. The two of them develop a sexual relationship. Claude also makes sure to keep Antoine in line and uses some rather unorthodox methods. Will they be able to keep the relationship going?

This is a nice, solid story with the great artwork that Fumi Yoshinaga is known for. It’s surprising that she didn’t place the couple right in the middle of the French Revolution. It would’ve been interesting to see how Claude and Antoine would’ve reacted to that pivotal event and if their relationship would have grown stronger or instead would have fallen apart. At the very least, the writer could have gotten some great dramatic scene out of it. Still, Honolulu Fumi Yoshinaga fans should check it out.

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