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Holly's manga review: 'Love Knot'



“Love Knot” is a yaoi manga by Hiroko Shimaru. Keigo Someha is a private detective by day and an assassin by night. One day, he finds a young man lying in front of his house. Keigo nurses him back to health. His name is Emiya Nozaki, an escaped test subject who has the ability to see the future. Everything seems to go smoothly at first, with Keigo showing Emiya what the outside world is like. However, the people who turned him into a test subject want him back. Can their relationship weather the problems or is it doomed to fail?

“Love Knot” really should have been a long running series. The concept is perfect for it, as we would have seen Emiya finally be able to enjoy his life and find true love after years of being abused and treated like a test subject. It would also have been great to find out what Keigo’s past had been like and how living with Emiya might have gotten him to reconsider what he truly wants in his life. The whole idea of somebody juggling two jobs as a private detective and an assassin is cool, although it would have been interesting if Keigo had been using his day job as a way to find his targets. It would also have been pretty funny if he had to take a vacation because of the stressful demands of working two jobs. The main antagonist should have been developed more, as his sympathetic points feel rather rushed. It might have worked better if the author took the time to develop his relationship with his subordinates. Maybe they were the only ones who showed him any kindness during his climb to the top. Despite the missed opportunities for a grand epic, Honolulu yaoi fans may like it.

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