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Holly's manga review: 'Love in Hell'

Love in Hell
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“Love in Hell” is a fantasy comedy by Reji Suzumaru. Rintaro Senkawa is an ordinary young man who accidently falls to his death after a drunken bender. He wakes up in Hell, where he finds out that he has to purge himself of his sins before entering Heaven. The method is that a demon has to inflict physical pain on him. But why is he in Hell in the first place? Can he atone for his sins or is he doomed to be a permanent denizen of Hell?

This is a pretty raunchy manga, but there’s a decent story underneath it all and a surprisingly heartwarming ending. The reason Rintaro is in Hell makes an odd sort of sense. The only major problem is that the author should’ve written a few more volumes. The manga’s take on Hell is pretty interesting and deserves to be fleshed out. Honolulu ecchi manga fans will find this to be an interesting read.

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