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Holly's manga review: 'Legal Drug'

Legal Drug
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“Legal Drug” is a fantasy manga by the world famous manga team CLAMP. Kazahaya and Rikuo live at the Green Drugstore, run by Kakei and his lover Saiga. They do the odd supernatural jobs, such as dealing with ghosts and a sentient book. Kazahaya and Rikuo have psychic powers to help them out. However, they also have troubled pasts and are haunted by visions of their sisters. Can they handle everything that comes their way?

This is an enjoyable manga with a pretty good art style that suits CLAMP, through it does look different. It’s a bummer that it’s not a medical themed manga. It would have been pretty interesting to see how CLAMP would have wrote it. Kakei and Saiga are the best characters in the series. The only problem is that no American manga company has translated the sequel, “Drug and Drop” yet. Honolulu CLAMP fans should check it out.

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