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Holly's manga review: 'Junior Escort'



“Junior Escort” is a yaoi anthology by Sakurako Hanafubuki. The title story and “Paparazzi Control” deals with an actor/model who lets his employers pair him with the agency’s senior member, Koji Mizuhara. He willingly lets Koji have sex with him, partly because he idolizes Koji. But can true love blossom from such scandalous beginnings? “Behind Closed Doors” deals with a male prostitute with a troubled past who falls in love with a young man. Can they be able to build a future together? “Angelic Seduction” deals with a young boy’s crush towards an older man.

The scenario behind “Junior Escort”, while probably a bit fanciful, wouldn’t be too off the mark; considering how sordid and cutthroat the entertainment industry can be. It could have been a much more interesting story if the main character got his revenge by getting Koji to actually fall in love with him, thus getting an ally on his side who may be able to use his clout to protect him if the agency decides to destroy his career. “Behind Closed Doors” seems more suited to be a single volume story as the subject matter deserves to be explored in more detail. The author really should have explored the psychological ramifications of having a lover who doesn’t care that you’re a prostitute; especially since society tends to treat their sex workers like disposable blow up dolls. It would have been nice to see how the power of love could encourage somebody to face up to their inner demons and get the help that they desperately need. “Angelic Seduction” may have been less problematic if it had just focused on the awkwardness of a young boy having a huge crush on an older man, consider how harsh the public is on pedophiles. “Junior Escort” is a decent manga for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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