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Holly's manga review: 'Jiu Jiu'

Manga Review


“Jiu Jiu” is a fantasy manga by Touya Tobina. Takamichi is a young girl who inherited the role of demon hunter after her brother died while protecting her. She’s tormented by what happened and is determined never to be emotionally hurt again by shutting down her heart. However, she is entrusted to take care of two half demon wolves named Snow and Night, who can also take on a human form. It takes a while, but they manage to get Takamichi to open her heart again. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other problems to deal with, such as an arranged marriage, monster hunting and Snow’s growing feelings for Takamichi.

The artwork is wonderfully quirky and Snow and Night are cute as baby wolves. The story is decent, but there are two major flaws with it. The first one is that the author tries to cram an epic story into five volumes, which leaves it feeling rather rushed. It would also have been nice to see the politics of the hunter’s world explored with depth, considering that not all of the hunters like the idea of using half demons in their battles. The other problem is that the author tries to pull off a bittersweet ending, but the tragic thing that happen to Snow and Night overwhelm any positive things that happen at the end of the story. It might have made more sense if Snow realizes that while Takamachi may not be in love with him, he’s still Takamachi’s dearest friends, and that will never change. It would also have been pretty cool to find out which woman gave birth to Snow and Night. It is great to see at least a few friendly full blooded supernatural creature. It’s not perfect, but Honolulu manga fans can enjoy “Jiu Jiu” as a light read.

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