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Holly's manga review: 'Invisible Love'



“Invisible Love” is a yaoi anthology by Rie Honjou. Inori is a popular guy among the ladies in his university. Unfortunately, he’s been getting dumped often. He decides to forget about his problem by drinking with his friend, Senou. Things get complicated when he drunkenly starts to desire Senou. Is his feelings for real or is it just the booze talking? Another story deals with the problems a couple go through in order to find a place in their all boys’ school where they can have sex. Another story deals with two high school students, a jock and a nerd, who meet up again when they’re adults.

One has to wonder wherever being popular with the ladies is all that’s cracked up to be if Inori keeps getting dumped. Maybe the women are genuinely afraid that he’ll abuse his popularity by cheating on them or that he mistakes sexual infatuation for true love and gets his heart stupidly broken again and again as a result. The idea that he may have some bisexual leanings after a night of drunken comfort is an interesting one. But the assumption that you’ll instantly find your true love this way is pretty stupid and is more likely to land somebody in a dysfunctional romance. It might have worked better if Senou had helped Inori work through his sexual confusion, which would then blossom into a romance. The story where a couple is trying to find a place to make out is amusing, although it would have been funny to see some of the other students attempt to spy on them or record their sexual hijinks and post it on the internet. The artwork is a bit messy, but well done. There are also no really problematic stories glorifying rape. Honolulu yaoi fans will find this a decent manga.

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