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Holly's manga review: 'Insufficient Direction'

Manga Review


“Insufficient Direction” is an autobiographical manga by Moyoco Anno. Hideaki Anno is one of the six co-founders of Studio Gainax and the creator of the controversial, yet enormously popular “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. His life changed for the better when he married Moyoco Anno, mellowing him out. So what is it like being married to a guy like him? Follow the main character as she deals with his crazy eccentricities and realizes that she’s not so different from him. All the while referencing obscure anime knowledge and theme songs.

It’s a little amazing that the manga didn’t focus on how she helped him out of his depression. It would have made for a very touching story about how the power of love can give a person the courage to face their demons so that they can live a happier life. Still, the story is a decent slice of life manga. It’s a little odd that the author decided to choose to portray herself as a cute little baby, but the reader can at least get used to it pretty quickly. The reader needs to realize that there’ll be a lot of references to obscure anime and manga, since the couple are huge otakus. It’s surprising that the author didn’t write any chapters focusing on what it’s like to have your husband be one of the founders of Studio Gainax. It would have been nice to see them having to deal with obnoxious fans or do a humorous parody scene of one of Studio Gainax’s famous anime like “Neon Genesis Evangelion” or “FLCL”. Seeing the author trying to retain some sense of normality before deciding to go with the flow is entertaining. She manages to show her husband as a good, if rather eccentric person. Honolulu Studio Gainax fans and readers wanting to know more about one of the anime’s most controversial directors should check out this manga.

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