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Holly's manga review: 'I Want to Be Naughty'

Manga Review


“I Want to Be Naughty” is a yaoi manga by Mei Sakuraga. Towa Aikawa is a school delinquent who is the target of the Student Council. He hides out on the rooftop in order to avoid their prying eyes. Things get complicated when he finds Mikado Shirahane on the rooftop. They fall in love, but what Aikawa doesn’t know is that Mikado is the President of the Student Council. Will their love be able to survive if Aikawa finds out the truth? Another story deals with two childhood friends. The older one considers himself the guardian to the younger one. Will he stake his claim? The last one deals with a high school student and his feelings for a dojo master.

The anthology is okay, with decent artwork. The first story is pretty sympathetic to Towa and shows that the Student Council can be a little too strict. The main couple do get together in the end, although the reader may wonder why their relationship doesn’t cause more of an uproar at their school. In fact, it could have illustrated that the School Council cares less about protecting students from bullies and making the school a safe place to study, than they are with keeping their power and forcing the students to cater to their whims. It’s amazing that the author didn’t make Mikado secretly subvert the rest of the Student Council group’s power while only pretending to share their mindset and lust for power. It can still be a light hearted story poking fun at the Student Council; but the idea might have helped the story stick out a bit more from all of the yaoi stories published out in the market. The story with the dojo master is fine, although some readers may not be comfortable with the idea. Honolulu yaoi fans may find it to be a decent manga anthology.

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