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Holly's manga review: 'Goodbye Geist'

Goodbye Geist
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“Goodbye Geist” is a psychological thriller by Ryo Hanada. Yuki is an ordinary high school student. Lately, she is sexually assaulted on the train she takes to school. She also notices a young man named Matsubara recording something on his cell phone. When she talks with her friends about it, they bring up a string of animal killings that appear to be copycat crimes based on Spirit, an animal killer who stalked the school seven years ago Can Yuki get to the bottom of the mystery?

The main problem with this manga is that the plot threads never quite connect in a satficatory manner. This is a huge shame as what is there is pretty interesting and has a nice psychological edge. It’s nice to know that Matsubara is actually a pretty good guy despite his awkwardness. His developing relationship with Yuki is quite sweet. Honolulu manga fans may find this an uneven, yet interesting story.

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