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Holly's manga review: 'Endless Rain'

Manga Review


“Endless Rain” is a yaoi manga by Yuuya. Akira and his blind little brother, Nao, were living happily with their mother until she loses her battle with Cancer. During her funeral, their absent father, who happens to be the chairman of the powerful Kasuga Corporation, sends his right hand man, Hyougami, to take them to the Kasuga estate. Hyougami makes a deal with Akira: he’ll help send Nao to a good school if Akira has sex with him. He reluctantly agrees. However, Akira is soon trapped in a situation where he must continue his sexual relationship with Hyougami in order to have a decent life. Why does Hyougami desire him so much?

The artwork is the stereotypical pretty boy style, but it is well done. The idea that Akira and Nao’s dad does love them is a great idea, but the author pretty much reveals it at the last moment without a good explanation. A much more understandable reason would be that their dad was a former Yakuza who went straight, but still had enemies who wanted revenge against him. He could have sent the family away in order to protect them and came back for them when he was finally able to clean up his messes. The author should have also taken the time to show Hyougami’s kind side more often so that he doesn’t come across as a complete jerk who doesn’t deserve Akira. She missed a great opportunity to develop his relationship with Akira’s brother, Nao. The reader could’ve read some touching scenes where Hyougami is being really kind and sweet; maybe even a past revelation that Hyougami used to be blind as well, so that’s why he wants to cure Nao’s blindness. While there are no rape scenes, Akira does get coerced into having sex with Hyougami, so the story is a bit iffy. If they can handle the missed opportunities, Honolulu yaoi fans may consider “Endless Rain” to be a decent read.

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