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Holly's manga review: 'Doubt'

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“Doubt” is a thriller manga by Yoshiki Tonogai. A mobile phone game called Rabbit Doubt has taken Japan by storm. The players are rabbits who have to find out who is the wolf in a rabbit disguise before they eat them. A couple of players meet offline, only to be kidnapped. They wake up in an abandoned building. They have barcodes on their bodies and are forced to play a real life version of Rabbit Doubt. Can they find the wolf in their midst?

It’s a pretty good thriller with plenty of great suspenseful moments. The big problems is the villain’s motivations; her reasons for creating the real life version of Rabbit Doubt come across as really petty and stupid. What’s worse is that she indiscriminately targets the innocent along with the scumbags rather than target the ones directly responsible for her problems. Despite this, Honolulu manga fans may like “Doubt”.

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