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Holly's manga review: 'Dive in the Vampire Bund'

Dive in the Vampire Bund
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“Dive in the Vampire Bund” is a manga spinoff of “Dance in the Vampire Bund” by Nozomu Tamaki. Princess Mina Tepes has created the Vampire Bund, an island nation for vampires. It’s a popular tourist spot for humans during the day. Akira and Masaki are two such tourists, but when the latter sneaks off to become a vampire, it sets off a horrific chain of events. Now Akira must find the cure or he’ll stay a vampire permanently.

You don’t have to read “Dance in the Vampire Bund” to read this series, but the side stories give the world more richness and depth that more manga series should do. It also mentions events relating to both Bosina and Hawai’i; the latter which should give Honolulu manga fans a thrill. Some of the angst feels a little out of place, but it’s still a good story. Honolulu vampire fans should give it a look.

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