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Holly's manga review: 'Dictatorial Grimoire'

Manga Review


“Dictatorial Grimoire” is a fantasy manga by Ayumi Kanou. Otogi Grimm is a descendant of the famous Brothers Grimm. He always though the Grimm fairy tales were fiction, but when he receives an inheritance from his father, he discovers that the Brothers Grimm had made a deal with the Marchen Demons; the characters based on the fairy tales. Can he tame the demons and more importantly, why is Cinderella a guy?

This really should’ve been a long running series, as three volumes really isn’t enough to properly explore the ramifications of the secrets that are revealed. The gender flipping is a little odd, but necessarily a bad thing. The female Bluebeard is pretty cool. The omake comics explaining the fairy tales the Marchen Demons are based on is pretty cool, although the author should’ve mixed in a few more obscure fairy tale characters. Honolulu manga and fairy tale fans may like this series.

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