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Holly's manga review: 'Croquis'

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“Croquis” is a yaoi anthology by Hinako Takanaga. Nagi is a young transsexual who is working at both a gay bar and a part time model at an art school in order to get an operation. However, problems flare up when Nagi falls in love with a student named Kaji. Nagi is scared that Keji will reject him either because he’s gay or that he’s transsexual. Can they make their relationship work?

Problems about dating students aside, this manga has a pretty interesting concept. Somebody having to face prejudice from both the gay and straight community makes for great drama. What’s surprising is that the author doesn’t criticize transphobic feminists who call male to female transsexuals ‘fake women’. There are a few other stories in ‘Croquis’, but none of them stand out like the title story. The artwork is pretty good. ‘Croquis’ is a decent manga for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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