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Holly's manga review: 'Crimson Empire'

Crimson Empire
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Manga Review


“Crimson Empire” is a manga based on the visual novel by Quin Rose. Sheila is a young girl sold into slavery by her parents. She is bought by a group of assassins who train her to be a ruthless killer. She gets sent to the tributary nation of Luxonne, where she pretends to be the maid for Prince Edvard while secretly protecting him. Sheila gets entangled with the drama unfolding between Edvard and his brother, Justin. Will she succeed in her mission?

This is a pretty good manga that carries the same edge that Quin Rose had in their “Alice” series. The main problem is that three volumes isn’t really enough to tell the story. It feels way too rushed at times. It also would have been nice to explore Sheila’s deal with the devil with more depth. Let’s hope Quin Rose will make more “Crimson Empire” spinoffs. Honolulu Quin Rose fans may enjoy “Crimson Empire”.

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