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Holly's manga review: 'Cigarette Kisses'

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“Cigarette Kisses” is a yaoi manga by Nase Yamato. Yusuke and Soji are close friends. The former has feelings for Soji, but is personally devastated when he announces that he is getting married. After several years, they are reunited, thanks in part to their mutual love of cigarettes and their company’s smoke room. But they both have lingering feelings for each other. A charming rival, Masahito, makes things worse. Will they succeed?

Readers who hate smoking probably shouldn’t read this manga, although it would have been pretty funny to see the couple try to kick the habit. The plot is decent, but the author misses the chance to have a threesome that would make a strange sort of sense. It would also have been interesting to have seen Soji’s wife and what she thinks about the whole situation. The artwork is fine. “Cigarette Kisses” is a decent manga for Honolulu yaoi fans.

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