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Holly's manga review: 'Bloody Monday'

Bloody Monday
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“Bloody Monday” is an action thriller by Ryou Ryumon. Takagi Fujimaru is a high school student who fights crime as the genius hacker Falcon. When a Russian spy is found murdered in Japan, Third I, a branch of the Public Security Intelligence Agency, recruits Falcon to decode the spy’s video chip. It reveals a viral outbreak in Russia called the Christmas Massacre. This will lead Falcon and his friends to fight a religious terrorist group.

It’s surprising that “Bloody Monday” didn’t have a couple of one shot stories before moving on to the main story arc. The Falcon concept is flexible enough. The main problem is that the goal of some of the terrorists can come off as a little vague at times. Still, there’s plenty of interesting information about computer hacking and some pretty cool plot twists, especially regarding the identity of one of the villainous masterminds. Honolulu manga fans will enjoy this fast paced thriller.

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