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Holly's manga review: 'Author's Pet'

Author's Pet
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“Author’s Pet” is a yaoi by Deathco Cotorino. Yuuta was an ordinary man until he accidently injured a man at the train station. It turns out that the man, Tsubaki, is an author and Yuuta has injured Tsubaki’s hands. Now he has to type out Tsubaki’s novel while the latter is recovering. To make matters worse, he has to struggle with writing sex scenes and his growing feelings for Tsubaki. Can true love prevail?

The idea of helping an author with injured hands is pretty cool, although it would have been nice to see some of the conflicts be based on Yuuta disagreeing with Tsubaki on a plot point. Yuuta should have become Tsubaki’s personal editor, it would have been fun. There’s also a story in “Author’s Pet” that should have explored the issues of a morality group and the conflicts that result from this. Honolulu yaoi fans may enjoy this manga.

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