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Holly's manga review: 'Anomal'



“Anomal” is a fantasy manga by Nukuharu. The story “Returner” deals with an artist who receives two of the eyes of a Me-Me-Sama, a bandaged yokai with hundreds of eyes. “Keiken Sosa” is about a detective who solves cases by reenacting them with his assistant. “Ayakashi No Kotodama” is about a boy who manages to alter a female yokai’s diet from human flesh to words uttered by him. They fall in love and she gives him the power to go back in time to fix his past. “Ayakashi-Nushi” deals with a girl who loves hugging yokai, but isn’t comfortable around humans. She meets a half-yokai hunter who can help her get what she wants. Will she take the offer?

While the stories are a bit rough around the edges, there’s enough creativity and emotional poignancy to make “Anomal” one of the standout mangas in the “Gen” library. “Ayakashi-Nushi” should be made into a long running series, since the concept is flexible enough. It would be pretty interesting if a yokai asked the main character if she would still want to hug them if they turned into a human. It would also be cool to see her learn more about yokai and know which ones to hug and which ones to stay away from. “Ayakashi No Kotodama” is a weirdly heartwarming story that shows that even if the past is changed, a couple can still be reunited. It would have been nice to see the female yokai slowly start to like seeing humans as friends rather than food, helping her to become a better being. “Keiken Sosa” is a fun little mystery that could be expanded for a least three volumes in order to flesh out the characters. Although the concept might not be broad enough as a long running series. Honolulu manga fans should buy it as soon as they can.

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