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Holly's manga review: 'Angel or Devil!?'

Angel or Devil
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“Angel or Devil!?” is a yaoi manga by Uzuki Jun. Tomo Fujiki is a stern school teacher with a secret soft spot for cute things. When his scary demeanor scares Kazunari Shiina, he decides not to act so stearn. However, things get more complicated when a mysterious young man claiming to be Kazunari Shiina kisses Fujiki. Is this man the same Shiina who is scared of Fujiki or is he a different person?

The artwork is decent, if a bit messy. Most of the stories are okay, but there is one story with problematic overtones, not to mention an incestal vibe. It’s a story that has to deal with a person born out of wedlock, who falls in love with his half-brother, who scorns him because of his past. It’s glorifying romantic abuse and dysfunctional relationships. If they can handle the problematic story, Honolulu yaoi fans may still want to read it.

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