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Holly's manga review: 'Android Angels'



“Android Angels” is a sci-fi manga by Kosuke Kabaya. In the future, androids are created to be humankind’s companions and helpers. However, they can only be with a human for three years. After the term is up, their memories are erased and they’re given to a new owner. One story deals with the problems surrounding this troubling situation. Another one deals with an ex-combat android who is now a bodyguard to a school girl.

The artwork is good and the stories are decent. However, the author didn’t really explore the ramifications of the android contract in any great detail. The reader gets the feeling that the robotics companies made the contract not only to prevent a robot uprising, but also to discourage any sympathetic humans form sheltering androids who want to gain full civilian rights. It’s surprising that there aren’t any horrific incidences caused by the contract, like an obsessed psycho who absolutely refuses to relinquish his android and either commits a murder/suicide with them or kills the new owner and steals the android. It’s also amazing that none of the androids rebel, even if they have to be sneaky about it. Now despite what some readers may think, there can still be room for light hearted humor. A story could focus on a human family coming up with silly lies in order to make sure that nobody finds out about the android that they’re hiding. This is one of those manga that really should have been written as a long running series, so that the author would be able to explore the issues brought up with greater depth. Luckily, the author doesn’t use the manga as a vehicle to bash humanity. It’s a hard balance to write a story dealing with societal issues without demonizing the other sides. Honolulu sci-fi manga will find it to be a decent anthology.

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