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Holly's manga review: 'Alley of First Love'

Alley of First Love
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“Alley of First Love” is a yaoi manga by Ellie Mamahara. Shusuke is a young man who has been in love with his best friend, Atsushi, ever since middle school. Atsushi goes abroad for a couple of years while Shusuke pursues his dream of becoming a soccer player, only to get sidelined when he gets an injury. Atsushi comes back home and Shusuke finds out that he still loves him. Will he have the courage to confess how he feels to Atsushi?

It’s a decent manga with no problematic aspects, although it’s amazing that the author doesn’t explore Shusuke’s feelings about having his sports career derailed because of his injury. In fact, it would have been pretty cool if Shusuke’s feelings for Atsushi remained strong because the latter showed him that he can create a new dream to aspire to. This is a rainy day read that Honolulu yaoi fans can enjoy.

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