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Holly's manga review: 'Alive'



“Alive” is a manga anthology by Hajime Taguchi. One story deals with a man uncomfortable about sexual relationships, so he buys a sex doll. Another deals with a woman whose husband forbids her from leaving the house. When he gives her a pair of fish, a tragedy unfolds. Another story deals with a girl who receives a pair of glasses with the power to blank out anything she hates. But is it a good thing?

Despite what the back blurb says, the author is capable of writing hopeful, optimistic pieces and in different genres. It shows how versatile the author is. However, some readers need to be aware that the tragic stories can be very dark and bleak. The artwork is done in a crisp, clean style. The author should try their hand at a manga series, the result would be very interesting. Honolulu manga fans looking for a really good anthology should pick up “Alive”.

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