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Holly's manga review: 'Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare'

The Country of Clover Nightmare
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“Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare” is a manga based on the visual novel by Quin Rose. Nightmare Gottschalk is a bizarre creature of interesting contradictions. He’s sickly, and a doofus in the waking world, but in the dream world, he’s a powerful, confidant master. He also happens to be in love with Alice. Will she return his affections? There are also Alice side stories and a “Crimson Empire” story.

The stories are pretty good, although the writers should really do a “Crimson Empire” manga anthology. It feels a little underhanded to sneak in stories from other Quin Rose Series without even mentioning it on the cover. Still, it is a decent manga, through the artwork is a bit messy at times. We finally get to see Nightmare’s edgy side and it’s interestingly creepy. Although his relationship with Alice is fine. Honolulu Quin Rose fans may like this anthology.

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