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Holly's manga review: 'Alice in the Country of Clover: March Hare'

Manga Review


“Alice in the Country of Clover: March Hare” is a manga based on the visual novel by Quin Rose. Alice is living in the Hatter Mansion in the Country of Clover. Elliot March is the Mad Hatter’s right hand man in the Hatter Mafia. He also happens to be friendly, honest, and energetic; with a love of carrots and has nice, soft bunny ears. This combination of traits disturbs Alice greatly, as she’s falling in love with him. To make matters worse, Peter White, the rabbit responsible for Alice being stuck in Wonderland in the first place, is also in love with her and is insanely jealous of Elliot. Alice needs to make a choice of who she truly loves.

This is pretty much a retelling of the story route of Alice and Elliot’s romance, although thankfully, we don’t see an imaginary scene of Elliot killing himself if Alice leaves Wonderland. While the retelling of the story isn’t a bad one, none of the authors ever ponder about what happens to Alice after she gets into a long term relationship with one of the Wonderland characters. It would also be interesting if there was a manga focusing on Alice raising a family with one of the Wonderland role holders. Can they conceive offspring or do they need to adopt a child. At the very least, Vivaldi and Mary Gowland really need their own spinoff manga. The artwork is okay, but rather messy. This is a decent manga for Honolulu Quin Rose fans to enjoy.

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