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Holly's manga review: 'Alice Love Fables: Toy Box'

Alice Love Fables: Toy Box
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“Alice Love Fables: Toy Box” is an anthology by Quin Rose. Alice Lidell is an ordinary girl who was forced to come to Wonderland. She has many admires and the stories in “Toy Box” reflect that fact. But Alice’s world isn’t the only one that is focused on. The lives and loves of the main heroines in “Crimson Empire” and “Arabians Lost” are shown too.

This is a pretty decent anthology with a nice variety of stories from Quin Rose’s current line of visual novels. The main problem is the title they use. It would have made more sense if it was titled “Quin Rose Love Fable” or a similar name as not all of the stories are set in the “Alice” universe. The artwork is pretty good, if a bit messy. Honolulu Quin Rose fans who want a manga showcasing the company’s worlds should check “Alice Love Fables: Toy Box” out.

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