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Holly's manga review: 'Alice 19th'

Alice 19th
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“Alice 19th” is a fantasy manga by the creator of “Fushigi Yuugi”, Yuu Watase. Alice Seno is an ordinary girl who gets outshined by her sister, Mayra. One day, she rescues a white rabbit. It turns out that the rabbit, Nyozeka, can turn into a girl and tells Alice that she has been choosen to master the Lotis Words, which are powerful magic words. When Alice accidently causes her sister to disappear, she needs to master the words quickly in order to save her sister from the darkness, Maram.

It’s surprising that this series only lasts for seven volumes, as the concept is suited towards being a huge epic. It would have also given more character development to those heroes and villains that needed it. Still, it’s a pretty good series with great artwork, humor and a very good magic system. Readers should be aware that it can be pretty melodramatic. Honolulu Yuu Watase fans will like “Alice 19th”.

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