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Holly's manga review: 'Age Called Blue'

Manga Review


“Age Called Blue” is a yaoi anthology by Est Em. Nick and Billy are members of a rock band. They share a dream of being stars, but Nick’s self-destructive behavior is alienating the other members. When a famous rock star from their favorite band, the Rebels, dies. Nick steals Billy’s guitar and life savings in order to pay off a debt. Billy’s confrontation reveals a connection that neither one realized that they had. However, a car accident caused by Nick may put both his future and his relationship with Billy in jeopardy. There are also stories about the Rebels and an autobiographic one about Russian astronaut Yuri Gargin.

“Age Called Blue” shows how to do a melodramatic yaoi right, as a lot of rock stars are notorious for going into a downward spirals of self-destructive behavior, even when they know that it’ll harm them in the long run. Nick does pay the consequences for his behavior, but it also hints that if he gets his act together, his relationship with Billy may be able to go a lot more smoothly. The autobiographical tale of Yuri Gargin should’ve been expanded into a short manga series, considering that there was some historical evidence that that he might’ve been gay. The Rebel’s stories are fine, but the author missed a great opportunity to criticize the tendency for the fans to romanticize a rock star’s suicide. The artwork is beautiful and wonderfully moody and contemplative. Honolulu yaoi fans looking for depth in their romances should buy “Age Called Blue” as soon as they can.

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