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Holly's manga review: '20th Century Boys'

20th Century Boys
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“20th Century Boys” is an action thriller by Naoki Urasawa. Kenji is a failed rock musician who finds out that a childhood friend has committed suicide. However, Kenji doesn’t believe that he killed himself. His investigation leads him to a cult that’s using a childhood symbol he and his friends created for their club. What Kenji and his friends find out may spell the end of the world. Can they save the day?

This is pretty much Naoki Urasawa at the top of his game, with a very good story and artwork. It shows how saving the world would actually work in real life, without losing any idealism. He also continues to pull off some very believable redemption scenes and criticizes people who think they’re evil. It does get a bit surreal in places, but it actually works, oddly enough. Honolulu Naoki Urasawa fans should buy it as soon as possible.

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