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Holly's anime review: 'Wrath of the Ninja'

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“Wrath of The Ninja” is an OAV based on the historical fantasy novel, “Yotoden”, by Takeshi Narumi. It is the Sengoku Period, and Oda Nobunaga is killing everyone who stands in his way. In truth, he is really an evil demon. An ancient prophecy says that a trio of demon blades from three different ninja clans can destroy Nobunaga. Ayame, Sakon and Ryoma are the survivors of Nobunaga’s rampage and can wield the three blades. Can they save the day?

It’s a decent film with solid animation. Although it’s a little amazing that it wasn’t turned in a TV or OAV series. The concept is flexible enough for an ongoing serial. It would have given the writer more time to flesh out the characters in order to heighten the tragedy. It’s amusing to see Oda Nobunaga as a demon, although not really surprising. Honolulu anime fans may enjoy this popcorn flick.

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