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Holly's anime review: 'Tokyo Vice'

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“Tokyo Vice” is a mecha OAV. The Rutz Detective Agency is compose of four friends who solve crimes. The story begins when a dying man goes to a concert and gives a disk to Rutz member Junpei. Before he dies, he begs him to go to Takashiro and give the disk to him. It turns out that the disk carries top secret information about a prototype mecha. Unfortunately, it’s also valuble to a corporation who will stop at nothing to get it. The stakes are raised when Junpei gets injured and the corporation sends some people to try and kill him. Can the members of the Rutz Detective Agency survive this case? And what happens when the experimental mecha is finally revealed?

It’s not a bad movie and the idea of a corrupt corporation stealing plans for a prototype mecha is great. The problem is that there isn’t anything to make it really stand on its own as a mecha story. It might have worked better if the writers amped up the conspiracy angle alongside the action scenes, showing that the Rutz Detective Agency may be in over their heads; yet they still try to do their part to save the day. Still, the writer manages to effectively portray the tension of having to face a giant mecha without having a giant mecha of your own. To be fair to the OAV, there’s nothing horrifically bad or problematic that will make the viewers stop watching it. It may have worked better if it was a feature length movie instead of a short OAV. It would’ve also been cool if the company did a short OAV series focusing on the Rutz Detective Agency facing realistic technological threats. It’s not the most memorable anime, but Honlulu mecha fans will find it a decent popcorn flick.

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