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Holly's anime review: 'Sengoku Basara: The Last Party'

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“Sengoku Basara: The Last Party” is a movie based on the video game series. Toyotomi Hideyoshi is defeated. However, his devoted follower, Ishida Mitsunari is obsessed with revenge against Hideyoshi’s killer, Date Masamune, the One Eyed Dragon. His desire is so great that he unwittingly plays into the hands of an old foe. Can Yukimura and Masamune stop them before all of Japan falls?

This is a nice ending to the anime, although the characters’ adventures still continue. The writers really should have empathized the idea that Ishida believed that Hideyoshi would have brought eternal peace to Japan and that those who defeated him were evil monsters. The battle against a resurrected Nobunaga is pretty cool with an interesting twist. The samurai armies’ break dancing during the credits is cute, but it would have been funnier if the main characters were doing it. Honolulu “Sengoku Basara” fans should watch it as soon as they can.

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