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Holly's anime review: 'Sailor Victory'



“Sailor Victory” is a mecha OAV based on the computer game “Graduation”. The city of Mikado is threatened by the evil being called Margarita. The only ones standing against her are five high school friends who have called themselves Sailor Victory. They use a trio of ninja robots to help them fight against evil. They’ll have to juggle fighting the bad guys and a hyper competent robot sidekick.

It’s quite interesting that a cast of characters from a teenaged coming of age story are now in a comedic mecha story. It’s amazing that more writers don’t try this sort of storytelling experiment more often. The mecha aren’t that bad looking, but it’s the robot double of one of the main characters, the ditzy Mami, that really steals the show. “Sailor Victory” should have gotten a few more episodes. Honolulu “Graduation” and comedic mecha fans should at least give “Sailor Victory” a look.

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