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Holly's anime review: 'Planzet'

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“Planzet” is a sci-fi film. In the year 2047, an unknown alien force attacks the Earth, destroying all major cities. The survivors unite and build a Diffuser, a shield that protects them from the aliens. It helps the Earth achieve a temporary peace. The story takes place in 2053, where the Earth is going to do a counterattack against the enemy by dropping the Diffuser. Hiroshi Akishima, a Planetary Defense Force Alliance solider, is more than willing to help, but can he pull it off?

It’s not a bad film, it has good animation and great action scenes. The main problem is that this should have been a full length feature film in order to develop Hiroshi Akishima’s character arc with more depth. The villain are your typical faceless invasion force that invade the Earth for no understandable reason, making them boring characters. It’s a decent popcorn flick for Honolulu sci-fi fans.

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