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Holly's anime review: 'Otaku No Video'

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“Otaku No Video” is a comedy OAV by world famous studio Gainax. Ken Kubo was an ordinary student and member of the college tennis club. He meets up with a high school friend, Tanaka, who introduces him to his group of crazy otakus. After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Yoshiko, Ken decides to become Otaking, king of all of the otakus. What he does next takes him on a wacky adventure with garage kits and anime.

The anime is pretty entertaining and wacky. The only real problem is that Gainax doesn’t always tell the story in a seamless manner. It’s a real shame, because the ending is pretty enjoyable and oddly fitting. The parody documentary, “Portrait of An Otaku” is a well done live action piece. While some viewers might be annoyed that Gainax employees played the anonymous otaku, it is meant to be a satire on otaku culture. Honolulu Gainax fans will enjoy this flawed, but interesting anime.

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