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Holly's anime review: 'Neo Tokyo'

Anime Film


“Neo Tokyo” is an anime film. The first story, ‘Labyrinth’, is about a little girl and her cat who stumble on to a magical world full of bizarre creatures. ‘The Running Man’ is about a deadly car race called Deus Ex and its most famous driver, Zach Hugh. He’s survived by sheer willpower alone, but it turns out to be a double edged sword. ‘The Order to Stop Construction’ deals with a supervisor trying to halt a fully automated construction project after a coup d’état stops the project.

This is a very good anthology with a nice variety of tales. The best one is ‘The Order to Stop Construction’. It manages to be delightfully funny while still being very suspenseful and creepy. It’s a shame we don’t see the employee destroy the super computer. It would have been awesome and funny. The dubbing is very good by nineties’ standards. Honolulu anime fans should see it as soon as they can.

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