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Holly's anime review: 'Mazinkaiser SKL'

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“Mazinkaizer SKL” is a mecha OAV series based on Go Nagai’s “Mazinkaiser”. In the future, three factions: the Garan, Kiba, and Aira Armies battle for dominance of Machine Island. It is isolated from the rest of the world, thanks in part to the Gravity Curtain. However, it has become unstable, threatening to destroy the Earth. Machine Island and the world’s fate rest in the hands of two people: Ken Kaidou and Ryou Magami, pilots of Mazinkaizer SKL.

This is a very fun anime with great action scenes, excellent animation and a decent plot. It really should have been given a few more episodes to really explore some of the plot points more deeply. It would also have been cool to explore Ken and Ryou’s personalities. The writer shouldn’t have killed off Captain Scarlet. She would have made a great character and an awesome mecha pilot. Honolulu Go Nagai fans should definitely watch this.

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