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Holly's anime review: 'Marvel Anime: X-Men'

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“Marvel Anime: X-Men” is a series based on the famous superhero comic book. It’s been a while since the X-Men have worked together following their battle with the Hellfire Club, in which they lost their teammate Jean Grey. However, a rash of disappearances in Japan compels the X-Men to investigate. They find out that the U-Men are harvesting the organs of teenage mutants. They also find Emma Frost, an ex-Hellfire Club member and her student, Hisako Ichiki. Cyclops is suspicious, as he’s sure he saw her in their last battle with the Hellfire Club; however, Emma says that’s not the case. What does all of this have to do with Dr. Yui Sasaki and her son Takeo?

This is a very good adaptation of the “X-Men” comic book series that manages to tackle the issues of bigotry without assuming that all normal humans are inherently bigoted. An all too common mistake made by way too many “X-Men” writers. The only glaring problem is that they kill off Jean Grey yet again so that Scott could dwell in cheap, easy, melodramatic angst. It would have been cooler if Scott sacrificed himself in order to save his girlfriend and Jean has to overcome her guilt about being unable to control her powers. Although to be fair, Scott does snap out of his funk. Some viewers may be bummed that their favorite “X-Men” character either doesn’t appear or has a speaking part. There are some cool cameos; even Deadpool makes an appearance. The character designs are really cool and the animation is awesome. It’s a shame that there isn’t a second season produced, despite the teaser in the end showing Magneto’s escape. Studio Madhouse should do more Marvel Anime series. Honolulu “X-Men” fans should watch this excellent series as soon as they can.

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