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Holly's anime review: 'Marvel Anime: Iron Man'

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“Marvel Anime: Iron Man” is a series based on the popular comic book. Tony Stark has come to Japan in order to build the Arc Reactor, which will provide limitless energy to the world. He’s also created the Iron Man Dio series, so that he can finally retire without worrying about any new threats. Unfortunately, the Zodiac group isn’t going to let Tony ride off into the sunset anytime soon. As he faces their robot soldiers, somebody from the past turns out to be alive. What happens next will threaten the entire world. Can Iron Man defeat the Zodiac and save the world?

This is a pretty good series with Studio Madhouse’s excellent animation. The redesigns of the Zodiac are really cool. The first couple of episodes, while pretty entertaining, feel a little aimless. It’s only in the last few episodes that the main plot really kicks into gear. The battle between Tony and Yinsen is fine, although one may wonder why Tony doesn’t point out to Yinsen that by aligning himself with the Zodiac, his hands are just as stained with blood just as Tony’s was. In fact, Yinsen’s motivations for why he abandoned pacifism aren’t really well defined. It might have made more sense if the tragedy that Yinsen suffered cemented in his mind that the only way to bring about world peace is to use violence to force the worlds’ governments to abolish the military. Ramon Zero is a very cool Japanese superhero and very capable in kicking bad guy butt, which is why it’s irritating when the writers kill him off. He would’ve made a great addition to the Marvel Universe. Here’s to hoping that somebody at Marvel Comics resurrects him in one of their “Iron Man” series. Honolulu “Iron Man” fans should definitely watch this fun series.

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