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Holly's anime review: 'Lupin the 3rd: Voyager to Danger'

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“Lupin the 3rd: Voyage to Danger” is a TV movie based on the manga. Inspector Zenigata is removed from the Lupin case due to his inability to actually catch him. The case is given to Keith, who has no problems killing Lupin if the situation calls for it. A despondent Zenigata drinks with Lupin and Jigen, warning them about Keith. Lupin decides that they should help Zenigata on his new case: investigating a group of arms dealers known as Shot Shell. They end up having to steal a submarine and scientist Karen Korinsky, to pilot the vessel. But she has some unfinished business with Jigen. Will Lupin and the gang get out of this caper with their lives intact?

The subplot with Jigen and Karen feels pretty tacked on and isn’t sure if it wants Karen to be a potential tragic love interest or a symbol of one of Jigen’s mistakes catching up to him. The subplot really should have focused on how Inspector Zenigata may have much more in common with Lupin than he realizes and that if the circumstances were different, he may have been a loyal member of Lupin’s gang. The writer really should have made Keith more of a foil to Zenigata not only in his ruthlessness and lack of morals, but that he really doesn’t care about Lupin, viewing him as just another criminal to stop. It would have been funny to see him making fun of Zenigata for prioritizing Lupin’s capture over all of the other cases that he’s working on. Heck, it’s surprising that Zenigata wasn’t taken off the Lupin case permanently because his superiors were concerned that his obsession was negatively affecting his workload. Despite the missed opportunities to explore Inspector Zenigata’s relationship with Lupin, “Voyage to Danger” is a decent film for Honolulu “Lupin” fans to watch.

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