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Holly's anime review: 'Lupin the 3rd: The Columbus Files"

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“Lupin the 3rd: The Columbus Files” is a TV special based on Monkey Punch’s famous manga series. Lupin and Fujiko have a romantic dinner, but love isn’t the only thing on their minds. Fujiko tells him about the Columbus Files, which has information about the location of Columbus’ Egg; a legendary treasure owned by the famous explorer. But before she can reveal more, Nazaroff and his men attack. Fujiko falls off a cliff, but she is rescued by Rosaria, a treasure hunter. She can’t remember anything about her past. To make matters worse, Nazaoff kidnaps her in order to get the secrets of the Columbus Egg. Can Lupin and his friends save the day and help Fujiko get back her memory?

The American title is a bit more accurate than the Japanese one as Fujiko isn’t really the main focus of the story, although she does suffer from bad luck. It really doesn’t help that Rosaria overshadows Fujiko in the action department, not to mention being more interesting. It’s a big shame, as this movie could’ve helped to develop Fujiko’s character and break her out of the femme fatale stereotype. At the very least, her relationship with Rosaria could have showed a kind side to Fujiko, not to mention the potential implicit lesbianism that wouldn’t feel out of place in a “Lupin” movie. It would also have been pretty cute to see Jigen and Goemon try to convince Lupin to have Rosaria as the fourth member of the team, since she’s more trustworthy than Fujiko. Seeing Lupin’s reaction would have been hilarious. The treasure is a nice take on the Columbus’ Egg story. It’s a shame that Rosaria doesn’t appear in any of the other “Lupin” films, specials or TV series. She was a pretty interesting character. Honolulu “Lupin fans may enjoy this film.

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