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Holly's anime review: Lupin the 3rd: Dragon of Doom



“Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of Twilight Gemini” is a tv movie based on the famous series by Monkey Punch. Lupin comes to Don Dolune’s bedside; he gives Lupin half of a diamond. He tells Lupin that it is a part of a key that will unlock a fantastic treasure. He also says Morocco as he dies. Lupin and Jigen go to Morocco, where the Gelts are planning to fight against their enemies, the Igo tribe. Lupin meets Lara, one of the members of the tribe. Once they embark on their search for the treasure, Lupin will find out about Don Dolune’s secret connection to the Gelts.

It’s a decent movie with solid animation, although some viewers may wonder how the heck Lupin and Lara were rescued from an incredibly deep quicksand pit. Unless it actually led into an underground cave and was an entrance disguised as a death trap in order to scare off invaders. Don Dolune’s past interactions with the Gelts is pretty sweet and makes a lot of sense with his personal connection to Lara. The tribal conflict between the Gelts and the Igo is plausible, through the viewer may wonder why there doesn’t seem to be any Igo that have any moral doubts about their imperial ambitions. Heck, one may make a pretty good point that if the Gelts won instead of the Igo, that they would’ve done the same thing to them. Although to be fair, the movie does leave the question of what will happen to the Igo if the Gelts succeed up in the air. The old police man who turns out to be a Gelt in hiding is a nice touch, as it would make sense that some Gelts hid their true ethnicity in order to be able to survive under Igo imperial rule. Honolulu “Lupin” fans may like this flim.

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