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Holly's anime review: '.hack//Quantum'



“.hack//Quantum” is an OAV based on the popular role playing game “.hack”. Tobias, Mary and Sakuya are friends who are big fans of the online multiplayer game The World. One day, while trying to beat a difficult dungeon, they stumble into an ominous situation. As they try to clear their names, Sakuya meets a small cat named Hermit. Future events put Mary in a coma. What is going on and can they save Mary?

It’s a decent OAV, but it really should have been a TV series, so that they could develop Hermit’s friendship with Sakuya better. Not to mention that the story is suited to being an epic serial. The World looks like a really fun game to play. Namco should work with Cyberconnect2 to develop a real life version of the World. .hack fans would love it and buy it as quickly as they can. Honolulu “.hack” fans may like this anime.

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