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Holly's anime review: 'Gundress'

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“Gundress” is a sci-fi anime based on the video game. It is the year 2100 A.D., Bayside City is Japan’s premier international port. Angel Arms is a company run by ex-policewoman, Takao. It is composed of six women who use mecha to battle terrorism. When the mayor is killed, Angel Arms has to protect Hassan, a crime lord who has information that may bring down a terrorist ring. But one of them has a shocking connection with Angel Arms member, Alisa.

It’s an enjoyable action flick with good animation. The story just needed to develop some of the characters’ motivations. It would have been pretty cool if Hassan had been empathized more as a tragic villain who thought he could use the criminal underworld to achieve noble goals, but is punished for it. They could also have explained Alisa’s boyfriend’s personality change. “Gundress” is a fun action romp for Honolulu sci-fi fans.

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